PowerLedgers offering

Blockchain products and services for Government and Corporate markets.


At PowerLedgers we understand Blockchain technology as a highly useful tool for information exchange inside Government and Corporate ecosystems in a notarized, efficient, and highly controlled manner.


Our team is delivering advice and education in the especifics of the technology, helping our customers to accelerate their learning curve and mature their understanding regarding how to take advantage of this technology in their business processes.


We have a Hyperledger Fabric distro tuned for production, deployable on-prem and/or on-cloud

Software Vendors

We have a especial proposal for Software Vendors that have customers in the Government and Corporate industries, allowing them to move fast in order to adopt Blockchain technology into their software products and delivering new blockchain-enabled versions.

Multi-Blockchain Network

Our Hyperledger Fabric distro allows the creation of a network inside which each participant can exchange information with different blockchains at the same time, using only one instance of our software.

About us

Our Board of Directors is integrated by Gonzalo Varalla of VPAtech, Claudio Siebel of Interfase, and Nicolás Jodal of ThalesLAB.

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